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ICON TEAM - Our Philosophy

Although banking is not a new industry, Icon represents a new era in the industry. We understand the importance of adopting technologies that enable the progression of the banking industry, while keeping the focus on the client. Icon will be setting a new precedent in the banking industry focused on being flexible. Flexibility is something that most banks (big or small) are unwilling to provide. At Icon, flexibility means customer service and one-on-one relationships.

Today, most clients are educated about banking basics and services they receive and shopping the market for competitive terms. However, with the “large retailer” mind set of many banks, most clients don’t know they can ask for more creativity from their bank. At Icon, we realize the importance of understanding client’s needs and developing solutions catered for them specifically.

The Icon Team understands that our customers come first. Rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we specialize in tailoring products and services to meet our customers’ diverse needs that expand as their business and lives grow.


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